Veteran Lynk: Serving Those Who Served

When thinking about the Social Determinants of Health in Medicare, an overlooked area of opportunity is veterans of the United States Armed Forces.  And it is a significant missed opportunity because, according to data from the US Census and the GAO, 22% of Medicare Advantage recipients are veterans.  Despite more than one in five MA members being a veteran, most plans do not know who these members are, or what care they might be receiving at the Department of Veterans Affairs Healthcare (VA).  If they do know that their veteran-members receive care at the VA, they often have no avenue to get documentation of that care.  Most important of all, Medicare Advantage plans have not, traditionally, been able to build a customized solution to better serve veterans. 

But that is starting to change.

With BeneLynk’s Veteran Lynk services, we identify veterans, opening an informed channel of communication between Medicare Advantage plans and their members who have served.  We find the 22% of the overall population who are veterans, and break-out the 5% of the overall population who receive care through the VA each year.  Once these members are identified, BeneLynk secures individual member permission to retrieve periodic documentation of the care those MA members receive through the VA.  Our government relations team works in conjunction with the VA to bridge the gap and allow our customers to understand all the care their members receive.  This information allows Veteran Lynk clients to see the whole clinical picture of their members’ care.  

With our customized database of thousands of veteran programs, we link veteran-members with powerful benefit programs that meaningfully impact both health and quality of life.

Programs include:

  • Veterans Healthcare provided by the VA
  • Veterans Pension/ Aid and Attendance
  • Operation Homefront
  • Medicaid/Medicare Savings Programs
  • Veterans transportation services
  • VA social events (addressing social isolation)

By curating a list of useful veteran programs, and then listening to the particular challenges of veterans, we are able to provide real help to members who have served our nation.  Our live-agent, on-shore services start with a conversation about how we can be of service.  There are many resources for veterans, but also many real-world challenges in sorting through them, understanding eligibility requirements, and helping veterans access the benefits they deserve. That is the role of the Veteran Lynk Advocate. 

We are currently working with clients on the possibility of our Veteran Lynk services being offered as a Supplemental Benefit Offering.  This will allow Medicare Advantage plans to expressly market the Veteran Lynk offering to potential MA members who are veterans. 

As always, we are excited to talk about our Veteran Lynk program or Social Determinants of Health in general.  If you want to chat, please drop us a note today at

About the Author

Sean Libby has been an advocate for seniors, people with disabilities, veterans, and individuals with low income for over 17 years.  At BeneLynk, we are committed to helping managed care plans to deliver superior Social Determinant of Health solutions to their members.  We are always looking to learn more and would like to hear your ideas on how best to assist members in need.  Drop us a note at