Positively Impacting Population Health Outcomes, One Individual at a Time

Population Health has been a pervasive topic — and lens through which healthcare has been viewed – for many years now.  It has been defined as “the health outcomes of a group of individuals.”  This framing refers to the goal of identifying and addressing pervasive challenges faced by groups of people.  By understanding the common […]

Government Relations and Dual Eligible Advocacy

At BeneLynk, we believe that the success of a Dual Eligible Advocacy service is measured by the member experience and by the increase in members getting and retaining dual Medicare/Medicaid benefits.  There have been vendors helping Medicare Advantage members sign up for Medicaid benefits for decades.  So what makes BeneLynk special?  I believe it is […]

Does Your Customer Experience Technology Strategy Need Some Human To Human Contact?

Why are Americans happy with their hair stylists, uber drivers, restaurant servers (and just about any other service) but not with their doctors or their health plan?  Gallup 2020 data show that only 19% of Americans are “very satisfied” with the quality of medical care in the U.S.  In Medicare Advantage specifically,  according to J.D. […]

Veterans Day 2020: Thank You

Today, November 11th is Veterans Day here in the Unites States.  At BeneLynk, one of our products helps Medicare Advantage plans to identify veterans and understand the care they receive at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).  We are proud to serve these veterans.  But we are also proud to serve other veterans a different […]