A Big Change to Medicare Risk Adjustment: Incorporating Social Determinants of Health

Will SDoH reshape Medicare risk adjustment?  For decades, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has recognized that appropriate payment to Medicare Advantage (MA) plans needs to be based on the best available information. In the 1990s, CMS implemented a payment differential for members who are dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid. This payment […]

BeneLynk Veteran Employee Spotlight: Yraudis

At BeneLynk, we’re always on the lookout for exceptional talent and we know that recruiting veterans is a great way to find excellent colleagues.  This perspective is reflected in BeneLynk’s 2020 commitment to becoming a “Veteran READY” organization.  Yraudis, one of our Client Benefit Advocates, is a great example of the military veteran talent we […]

Veterans, VA, and Social Determinants of Health

At BeneLynk we understand veterans and we understand Medicare.  Some members of our management team have worked for decades in Medicare.  Some, like me, have more experience in the world of veterans and veteran benefits.  Our experience informs our work toward our mission.  BeneLynk’s mission is “To improve lives and positively impact Social Determinants of […]

Veteran Ready: A BeneLynk Challenge

Like most veterans, I’m extremely proud of my military service.  I’m proud of my decades of experience – as an active duty US Air Force member, Kentucky Army National Guardsman, and, now, senior leader in the KY Air National Guard.  I’m also proud that I am able to juggle my responsibilities in the Kentucky Air […]

Veteran Lynk: Serving Those Who Served

When thinking about the Social Determinants of Health in Medicare, an overlooked area of opportunity is veterans of the United States Armed Forces.  And it is a significant missed opportunity because, according to data from the US Census and the GAO, 22% of Medicare Advantage recipients are veterans.  Despite more than one in five MA […]