Veterans Day, 2019

Veterans Day is indeed a meaningful day for me. As a military combat veteran (that still proudly serves as a KY Air National Guardsman), each Veterans Day always invokes many thoughts.  I reflect on the military-related experiences that largely shaped me into who I am today.  I reflect on past and present military colleagues, friends […]

Community Lynk: The BeneLynk Approach

I recently attended the annual AHIP Conference on Medicare, Medicaid, and Dual Eligibles.  As with most industry conferences these days, there was a lot of talk about the Social Determinants of Health (SDoH).  At BeneLynk we believe that understanding and impacting SDoH barriers is the future of healthcare and we have designed our Community Lynk […]

Dual Eligible Outreach and Advocacy: The BeneLynk Approach

Dual Eligible Outreach and Advocacy is not a new initiative in Medicare Advantage.  Back in the early 2000s many of us on the BeneLynk management team were working on Dual Enrollment at a company called Social Service Coordinators.  Then, as now, Medicare Advantage plans had many reasons to implement comprehensive programs to help their low-income […]

BeneLynk Celebrates Opening of Florida Operation Center

It is an exciting time for all of us at BeneLynk.  Our outreach services to help Medicare Advantage plans positively impact the Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) has met with enormous receptivity.  We are pleased to announce our expansion into our new BeneLynk Florida Operating Center at Sawgrass Tech Park, Building D 1619 NW 136th […]

More Medicare Recipients Now Eligible for VA Benefits

Last week, the President signed the Blue Water Navy Veterans Act into law.  This legislation is the result of decades of arguments about how to treat sailors, Marines, and other United States military veterans who served during the Vietnam War in boats off the coast of Vietnam, but who did not set foot in Vietnam.  […]