Community Lynk

At BeneLynk, we lead with help using the powerful benefits in our Community Lynk services.

With access to over 150,000 federal, state, and local programs we have the resources to engage MCO members, and understand how we can improve their lives today.

Community Lynk also allows us to engage members in conversation, developing a meaningful understanding of SDOH barriers and life experiences. 

We link the member with meaningful and valuable programs allowing your members to live their healthiest lives. 

Some examples of Community Lynk areas of impact:

  • Food payment assistance
  • Meal delivery services
  • Utility and housing payment benefits
  • Independent living support programs
  • Isolation prevention programs
  • Transportation benefits
  • Telephony and data benefits

Meaningful Engagement

Find out how single member engagement from BeneLynk improves outcomes and reduces abrasion.