Dual Lynk

Addressing financial challenges is one of the most meaningful and direct ways to improve member standard of living and improve health outcomes.  

Lower income Medicare members may be eligible for a wide range of Medicaid programs. At BeneLynk, we’re experts in all of them, and we help your members get the most benefits they can.

National Medicaid Program Enrollment/Eligibility

Too many members who are eligible for Medicaid benefits (both full and partial) are not enrolled.

A graph describing enrollment and eligibility in healthcare programs

A New Approach to Dual Eligible Advocacy

BeneLynk offers an opportunity to improve Medicaid participation rates with a different approach to Dual Eligible Advocacy services.

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Members are dynamically identified from a wide population—not just from low-income zip codes.


We “lead with help” in our member outreach, starting by understanding and solving challenges members face with our Community Lynk services.


We serve as Authorized Representative helping your members enroll in:

  • Full Medicaid
  • QMB/QMB Plus
  • SLMB/SLMB Plus
  • QI
  • Medicaid Spend Down

Related Programs

We support all levels of Medicaid application from Spend-down to Supplemental Security Income.


Focuses on giving members the information they need to stay enrolled.

Ready for a new approach?

BeneLynk offers a different approach to Dual Eligible advocacy.