Veteran Lynk

Service in the United States Military is a defining life experience for your members.

It is a meaningful part of their life story, a piece of their healthcare puzzle, and a keystone to a wide variety of benefits available through the Department of Veterans Affairs and other sources.  BeneLynk can help you identify the veterans in your population and provide them with a veteran-specific benefit program designed to link members with a wide-array of veteran benefit programs.

Veteran benefits include:

  • VA Sponsored Veterans Benefits
    • VA Healthcare
    • Service-connected disability
    • Veterans Pension
    • Aid and Attendance
  • Transportation (VA and general)
  • Utility and housing payment benefits
  • Independent living support programs
  • Isolation prevention programs
  • Telephony and data benefits
  • Nutrition

For those members who receive some of their healthcare through the department of Veterans Affairs (5% of Medicare Advantage members) BeneLynk retrieves documentation of the care those members receive directly from the VA. 


Care provided to Medicare Advantage members is not systematically communicated to Medicare Advantage Plans. We address this by:

  1. Identifying Veterans from the broader population
  2. Securing individual member authorization to communicate with the VA
  3. Retrieving charts from VA facilities throughout the country
  4. Providing comprehensive charts to our Medicare Advantage customer

Areas of Impact

Clinical Management

Member Experience

Risk Adjustment

Stars and HEDIS

Serve your veterans

Learn how Veteran Lynk can help you to better serve and understand the veterans in your Medicare Advantage population.