Impacting the Social Determinants of Health is the Future of Healthcare

Positively Impact SDOH

Healthcare continues to evolve as we recognize that our health is impacted by every facet of our lives. To help members live their healthiest lives, managed care plans need to understand and address challenges beyond the scope of traditional healthcare.

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At BeneLynk, we help managed care plans understand their members, and we help members get the benefits they deserve.

By developing a complete picture of the social determinants of health (SDOH) that affect every member we are able to positively impact SDOH barriers and challenges.

Lead With Help

BeneLynk engages a wide range of members with one dynamic conversation about their social determinants of health.

We lead with help, asking members how we can help them address challenges.

Our approach


From our first interaction with members we provide meaningful help to improve their lives.


Our solution is designed for today’s environment, using the best available resources to meet today’s challenges.


We maximize the value of our member engagements and minimize member abrasion.


We show our clients what we are doing and how it helps members to obtain and retain benefits.