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A systematic understanding of members SDOH barriers and experiences is the foundation of tomorrow’s healthcare. To serve managed care members, plans must understand and document SDOH barriers and experiences.  BeneLynk starts our work by systematically documenting SDOH barriers using ICD-10 codes.

As the healthcare industry continues to understand the broad implications of SDOH barriers and experiences, documentation will allow plans to positively impact everything from quality metrics to delivery of supplemental benefit offerings. 

At BeneLynk we lead with help.

  1. Understand and document SDOH life experiences including Veteran status
  2. Understand and document SDOH barriers
  3. Engage the member: what would improve your life?
  4. Provide dynamic advocacy linking members with a wide array of programs including Dual Eligible (Medicaid) benefits, Low Income Subsidy, and other programs that positively impact both plan and member
  5. Create an avenue for MCOs to implement future SDOH programs including Supplemental Benefits

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